Food Composition
Chinese Food Composition Tables (ordering information)
Food Composition Resource List for Professionals
INFOODS (A UN program to improve food composition data)
LanguaL (international descriptive language for foods)
MEDACCESS Nutrition Database
Nutrition Analysis Tool (University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign)
Nutrient Data Lab Food Composition Data (Agricultural Research Service, includes links to other food composition sites)
Nutritionist’s ToolBox (University of Minnesota)
Swiss Food Composition Database

Food Dictionaries
Epicurious Food Dictionary

Food Guide Pyramid
Food Guide Pyramid brochure (text only)
Interactive Food Guide Pyramid
Using the Food Guide Pyramid: A Resource for Nutrition Educators

Food Industry and Trade Associations
American Egg Board Here, egg lovers will find egg recipes, answers to FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions), egg facts, egg nutrition, and egg industry information.
American Meat Institute Information on the American meat and poultry industry.
CowTown America Library Information about the beef and cattle-industry issues.
Food Marketing Institute
McCormick and Company, Inc. (spice information)
Produce Marketing Association Provides information on their services (may charge a fee if not a member).

Food Irradiation
Food Irradiation 2 Wholesomeness Collection:U.S. Government Research Reports from the 1950’s and 1960’s
Food Irradiation FAQs (University of Michigan)
Food Irradiation Overviews: A Selected Annotated Bibliography
International Atomic Energy Agency
Radiation Biology Home Page (British Columbia Cancer Research Centre)

Food Labeling
Food Labeling Education Information
Food Labeling and Nutrition Information
Food Labeling Information: FDA Regulations (via USDA Extension Service)
Proposed Rule on Nutrition Labeling: Reference Daily Intakes (RDIs) (Summary from December 13, 1996 Federal Register)
Food and Nutrition FAQs–>

Food Preservation
The Farm House (via Ohio State University)
Food Preservation FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (via University of Missouri)
So Easy to Preserve (University of Georgia’s book, via the University of Florida)
Storage Charts: Refrigerated, Frozen and Cupboard (via Kansas State University)
USDA Canning Guides (Downloadable in camera-ready format from Utah State University Extension)
USDA Canning Guides (via the University of Florida)
Food Safety and HACCP


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