The Neonatal Nutrition Support Manual

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The Neonatal Nutrition Support Manual was developed by registered dietitians, with input from physicians, pharmacists and nurses to provide guidelines for the administration of nutritional support within Capital Health. The manual has a number of uses for health care providers caring for neonates who require nutrition intervention. This resource:

  • Describes the components of nutrition assessment.
  • Presents a general overview of determining nutrition requirements including energy, protein, vitamin, mineral, and fluid requirements.
  • Provides indications for the use of enteral or parenteral nutrition.
  • Outlines the route, and guidelines for initiating, monitoring and transitioning of enteral feeding products.
  • Provides a comparison of enteral feeding products available and their indications for use.
  • Outlines the route, and guidelines for the initiating, monitoring and transitioning of parenteral feeding products.
  • Reviews the complications of enteral and parenteral nutrition.

Appendices include growth charts for neonates, formula selection decision tree, regional formulary listing of enteral products, stool characteristics of various protein sources, osmolality of medications and vitamins, TPN order forms, calcium and phosphate soluability curve.

The manual is designed to serve as resource for students, dietitians, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. The manual is not meant to be all inclusive but rather to provide general guidelines for nutritional support of neonates. The individual needs of the neonate must always be considered when developing a nutrition care plan.

To obtain a copy of this resource, please print and follow instructions on the order form below.

Order Form for Neonatal Nutrition Support Manual (PDF)


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